First couple to report Kansas City highway shooting alarmed that shooter hasn't been caught

First victims in highway shooting tell their story

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The first couple to report a shooting in Kansas City says they aren’t planning on returning to the Grandview Triangle any time soon.

“Now, particularly, we hear more and more about it,” said Barry, who didn’t want us to use his last name as a safety measure, “I’ll probably stick away from that section of town for a while."

He and his wife Marge were on their way home on March 8 when someone opened fire. They didn’t realize they had been shot at until they arrived home.

The bullet went into the hood and lodged itself near the engine on the passenger’s side of the couple’s SUV. “If it had gone any farther I would not be here,” Marge said.

Around 20 other drivers share a similar experience, and police think that number will go up.

It’s been nearly a month since Barry and Marge were shot at, and no one’s been caught. “Somebody’s going to get seriously hurt or killed if they don’t stop them,” Barry said.

Police won’t give any suspect description, but we’ve talked to a handful of victims who say they think it was more than one driver.

Three victims say they saw a four-door sedan. “It’s hard to say because at that time we really didn’t know what it was,” said Barry, “we weren’t really paying close attention."

Police were able to get the bullet out of this couples car, although they won’t say what kind of gun was used.

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