Five Kansas City entertainment districts affected by new teen curfew

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The triple shooting on the Plaza earlier this month may have sparked the new tougher teen curfew , but all five entertainment districts will be affected by the rules changing.

The majority of businesses from the other areas said they don't expect the change to cause any problems. This is mainly because some already have teen curfews in place and others require parent supervision anyway because of the bar/ restaurant atmosphere.

At Zona Rosa, they already have had what they call a parental escort curfew. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult after 9:30 p.m.

The general manager, Rosemary Salerno, said they don't expect the new city enforced curfew to be that much different. She said they have been in touch with police and do plan to work with them as they crack down on the new curfew.

Shoppers said they think the curfew at all of the popular spots will be a good thing.

"As a mom, I think it's a good idea the kids don't need to be hanging around here when the stores are closed. When I was teen I would have thought it was a violation but it's a good thing they need to go home, lets the big kids play," said shopper Kathy Ruoff.

Some think teens will still find a way around the new rules.

"There are 16 year old kids who are still going to try and work around it, find some way where they can be with out there parents, so there may be stuff going on even with a curfew," said Ashlea Williams, a Zona Rosa shopper.

NBC Action News spoke to the manager of the Westport Flea Market in Westport, another area affected by the change, who said they don't expect the new rule to change much at their business.

Right now, because they are more of a bar and restaurant, they require any teens to be accompanied by parents at night.

Some downtown businesses agreed and said since there are so many bars in the downtown area, most places make sure parents are always with teens at night.

The new rule affects Zona Rosa, 18th and Vine, downtown, Westport and the Plaza.

If teens are caught breaking curfew, the fine was bumped up from a $1 to $500.

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