Five people injured in south Kansas City apartment fire

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A family of five, three children and two parents, suffered serious burns in an apartment fire Thursday morning near 96th Street and Hillcrest Road in Kansas City. 

One child and the mother suffered severe burns, according to the Kansas City Fire Department.

According to neighbors, one of the children is an infant and two others are under the age of 5.

The fire started a little after 8 a.m. inside the third-floor apartment in The Shadow Creek Apartments that are located at 96th Street and Hillcrest Road.

Neighbor Aisha Hines woke to the sound of a smoke alarm and saw smoke in the hallways.  She ran to her balcony called her mother, and waited until firefighters rescued her with a ladder.

Because of the extent of the injuries from the flames, the department's bomb and arson unit and crime scene investigators with the Kansas City Police Department are involved in the investigation.

Investigators have not determined the cause of the fire.

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