Food truck owner wheels & deals for Twinkies to fry

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A local food truck owner is wheeling and dealing to keep Twinkies to fry in stock.

It may be called The Funnel Cake Truck, but the recent Hostess problems have owner Michael Bradbury worried.

Two years ago, Bradbury started the food truck to make money in a down economy, but soon his grandmother's dough recipe for a polish fritter turned into a full-time gig.

He makes more than funnel cakes. His truck reads 'Deep Fried' in big black letters and offers a list of tasty but unusual treats from Oreos, Snickers, and yes - even Twinkies. 

He went to extreme measures Wednesday to keep his freezer stocked.

"I had to go meet an anonymous person and for an undisclosed amount of money, got a numerous amount of Twinkies," Bradbury said.

He is paying a little more dough than usual.

"I think they're kind of blackmailing me because they know it is a necessity to my business!" he laughs. "They could re-open in two months or they may never come back!"

If not, get 'em while they're hot.

Bradbury is planning an all-out, deep-fried Twinkie party with all of his stash in the near future. 41 Action News will post those details as they become available.

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