Former server of Jardine's Restaurant and Jazz Club speaks out

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - For the last few days, visitors to Jardine's right off the Plaza have noticed it's been closed.

First, a sign read "closed for repairs". Now, a new one says it's still closed, but hiring a new staff.

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Stevie Collins worked as a server. He said he got a phone call last Thursday saying everyone was getting fired.

He also said the problems began two weeks ago when the general manager of the restaurant resigned and the owner took over.

"She said all kinds of things like ‘you people aren't on my side,' ‘I can't trust you,' and that was perplexing to me since I worked there for over a year," Collins said. "I mean we all loved that place and that place was supported by people who loved Jardine's."

Collins said some employees are owed hundreds of dollars. The new sign says the restaurant will reopen Dec. 14.

Calls made by NBC Action News to the owner were not immediately returned.

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