Former workers react to decision to knock down Bannister Federal Complex

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Former workers of the Bannister Federal Complex have mixed feelings about the decision to knock it down.

41 Action News has investigated the Kansas City Complex for years and found it contains 900 toxins.

One side houses the General Services Administration. On the other is Honeywell, a company that makes parts for nuclear bombs.

Barbara Rice worked in the central region of the 300-acre complex for 30 years.

Rice came down with Graves’ disease after working there and now tracks everyone else who has gotten sick.

“A lot of them are like brain cancer, leukemia, pancreatic cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma,” Rice said.

A 41 Action News investigation identified as many as 450 deaths or illnesses at Bannister.

Rice wasn’t surprised that another developer planned to tear down the facility instead of repurpose it.

“They can't lease the building, that's obvious. They have no other choice but to level it because it is so contaminated,” Rice said.

Other former workers like Guy Beebe are concerned for another reason.

“Actually, I think when they knock it down they will make it worse. Certainly at first because everything that has been building up in the nooks and crannies for the last 80 years is going to be floating free again,” Beebe said.

However, there has never an official link between the illnesses and the plant.

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