Misty Kidd: Family searches for answers in unsolved murder

OLATHE, Kan. - A young girl asks for answers four years after someone murdered her mom.

Misty Kidd died just one month after her daughter, Mackenzie, was born. Her husband, Dallas Kidd, hoped someone would feel the guilt and finally come forward — not for him, for their daughter.

“She had blonde hair like me,” Mackenzie Kidd said about her mom.

Dallas continued, “Yeah she had blonde hair, she was really pretty, she was really sweet and she would do anything for anybody.”

“That's me when I was the tiniest of all, when I was a baby,” Mackenzie said, pointing to a picture of her and her mom.

Now, four years later, Dallas has to explain to Mackenzie why her mom is no longer here.

“I still keep a lot from her," Dallas said. "She still knows that her mom is in heaven and she this week will be the time to ask for justice.",” said Dallas.

The couple went to a friend’s house in Kansas City, Kan., on July 17, 2010.

Someone Dallas didn't know knocked on the door of the home.

“The guy asked for someone and I thought he said sticky or stuffy or something like that and my friend told him he had the wrong house,” he said.

Dallas said the person asked for pills, pulled out a gun and shot into the home.

A bullet hit Misty in the back and killed her.

Dallas believes someone with information will do the right thing.

“I've had dreams that it was someone's girlfriend, an ex-girlfriend, a mom, someone who couldn't carry the weight of it anymore came forward ...There has to be someone out there that has kids that understands that they wouldn't want their kids to live that way either,” Dallas said.

The family plans to meet at Hill Park in Independence on the four year anniversary of Misty’s death to remember the young mom.

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