Free day at the zoo for residents in Jackson and Clay counties

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Looking for something to do with the kids on spring break?  How about a free day at the zoo? 

Residents of Jackson County and Clay County get in to the Kansas City Zoo for free Tuesday, March 18.                                                                                                                                                                                   "Spring break is just right around the corner for many families and we thought what a great way to get kids out of the house and take advantage of beautiful weather, since it's kind of been a harsh winter," Debra Ryder, the Director of Education at the Kansas City Zoo, said.

It's the zoo's way of giving back to Jackson County and Clay County residents for passing a sales tax increase for the zoo in 2011.

Ryder said the 1/8 sales tax is used for programming and education programs, like a zoo-mobile that goes around to community groups and classrooms.

The free day is also part of the zoo's mission to teach more people about animals.

"Every single family in the Kansas City area ought to be able to come to the zoo, so we're really grateful and tickled that we're able to offer this to Jackson and Clay County residents," Ryder said. "More than anything, we hear families say, 'I would have never been able to come to the zoo because I just plain could not afford it unless you guys offered me this free day.'"

This is just one of four free days at the zoo this year.

Residents of Jackson County and Clay County just need to bring proof of residency to get in for free.

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