Free days at Kansas City Zoo to begin again on July 1

With school out for many students and summer in full swing, the Kansas City Zoo's new free day offers begin Tuesday.

Residents in Jackson and Clay counties should have already received a free pass postcard in the mail . Each postcard is set for a certain day of the week in July, September and November. To redeem your pass, you'll need to take a few items with you to the zoo.

  • The complete postcard with the July, September and November redemption pass
  • A photo ID or current utility bill with the same address as that on the postcard

If you can't go on Tuesdays (or whichever day you received), you are able to exchange that day for another day of the week (Monday through Thursday) by going to the zoo's guest relations department and exchanging it for another day. You'll need to take the same photo ID/utility bill and complete postcard to switch your days.

The program change came on the heels of security incidents and overcrowding at the zoo during some of its recent free days. The zoo has stated the new program would offer residents more flexibility for residents to attend.

For more information on the zoo's free day program , you can reach out to the zoo by emailing or calling 816-595-1234.

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