Friends use social media to help friend & Royals fan diagnosed with cancer

One week ago, Tim Grimes found out he was getting ready to fight the biggest battle of his life.

"I asked the doctor is there a timeline, and he said probably about a year, year and half, and I said okay, what do you think the odds are of beating it, and he put it at 5 percent,” Grimes said. 

Grimes told his friends on Facebook that he was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma cancer.

In one week, through social media, his friends have made sure Grimes, a Royals fan, is not down to his last out.

"My boss set up a GoFundMe site and asked for donations, and, like I said, my friends are setting up some fundraisers. People are making bracelets and t-shirts and doing what they can do to help,” Grimes said.

This summer we've seen the results of viral social media videos and hashtags, such as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, that raised millions of dollars to support a common cause.

"We have seen how stuff like that has gone viral, and it's weird to be part of stuff like that and it's weird to be the center of it,” Grimes added.

Through his GoFundMe site, Grimes' friends have raised $22,000 so far to help out with medical bills.

They also created a Twitter hashtag that has gone viral: #RoyalswinforTim.

"Seeing them, year after year, struggle and be so close yet so far, it really makes me cheer that much more because I want to see that happen. It's fun not to be a fair weather fan and have a team that you can support grow with and stand by through thick and thin,” Grimes said.

And Monday night, support from old friends is just standing by someone through the difficult times.

"Shocking – somebody that you see out and have laughs with, to find out that they're going through, about to be going through the battle of his life; you just want to do anything you can to help support him,” friend Andrew Cox said.

"It's very hard to hear that you’re dying. It's almost surreal, but my friends never gave me an opportunity to feel sad or scared and that's what's really nice about this,” Grimes said. “And that's what I hope other people will take away from it; you don't need to be scared, you're not alone." 

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