Fans battle frigid temps at Arrowhead

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Paramedics rushed at least two people from the stadium to the hospital for reports of hypothermia, but the snow on the ground and frigid temperatures didn't keep people away from Arrowhead Sunday.

It wasn't an easy task to keep warm. People used heaters, grills, hats and gloves.

The self-proclaimed "Chief Vader" said he had to use more than the force to keep from freezing.

"I've got a tight skinned shirt, then another tight skin shirt, then a sweater and then a sweat jacket and then the jersey, shoulder pads and the cape," he said.

Josh Vincz, a lifelong Chiefs fan, came from Indianapolis to celebrate his birthday.

"It's disappointing, but oh well. We'll try and get it done next time," he said.

Vincz added it would be a long nine hour drive back with their friends who are Colts fans in the car, though.

Some, however, think this loss was just strategy for the next possible matchup.

"We'll take a loss and dissect this game down. Then when we go down to Indianapolis. I think they're going to get a surprise,' he said.

After going 5 -0 at home this season, the Chiefs ended with three straight losses at Arrowhead.

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