FULL VIDEO: President Obama's speech on the economy at Uptown Theater

President Barack Obama spoke to an energized crowd in Kansas City Wednesday morning. 

His speech at Uptown Theater, which was open to the public, lasted about 40 minutes.

He spoke mostly about the economy, addressing issues such as job growth, equal-pay for women and increasing the minimum wage.

The president spoke on the same day as the House lawmakers gave Speaker John Boehner the go-ahead to initiate a lawsuit against President Obama.

House Republicans have said the President has deliberately exceeded his constitutional authority on several different issues.

The crowd at the Uptown Theater in Midtown booed when the President talked about the effort. But he raised his hand and said, "No, no, no. I always tell people don't boo, vote. Booing doesn't help."

Several people in the crowd told 41 Action News they thought that was the most powerful moment of Obama's speech.

"We actually need to go out there and actually do something about it," said college student Hannah Moran. 

The RNC released the following statement after President Obama's speech:

“It’s clear President Obama is not living in the same economic reality that the rest of the country is, where growth is still on pace for one of the weakest years since the end of the recession, ObamaCare is raising premiums, and each month more Americans drop out of the workforce than actually find jobs. Instead of only offering campaign speeches and policies that hurt job creation, President Obama should call on Harry Reid and the Democrat-run Senate to end their obstruction of the more than 40 jobs bills passed by the House that are still waiting for a vote.” – RNC spokesman Michael Short

President Obama did address one polarizing topic among Kansas Citians.

"I deal with a lot of tough issues. I am not going to decide who makes the best barbeque in Kansas City," he said.

The President made a surprise stop at Arthur Bryant's for dinner Tuesday night. Oklahoma Joe's said they sent a "rather large order" of to-go food to Air Force one staff.



Click the video player above to watch the entire speech.

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