Gladstone woman describes her stay on stranded Carnival Triumph

GLADSTONE, Mo. - Nancy Nettle of Gladstone, Mo., shared details of her stay on the Carnival Triumph, which was stranded at sea until late Thursday night.

After Sunday's fire in the engine room, the ship had no power.

"We don't have any lights at all in our room," Nettle said. "We only have certain areas where we can go and charge our phones, and we have to piggy back and try and do it in sections and relays."

The ship's sewage back up forced passengers to use other ways of relieving themselves.

"The first few days, we didn't have any (bathrooms,)" Nettle said. "We had to pee in a shower and poop in a red bag and set it outside our room."

It didn't take long before the smell became unbearable, Nettle said.

Her longtime friend Lori Butcher of Grain Valley had received text messages from Nettle about the food situation.

"She says there's plenty of food, but the lines are so long that she stood in line for three hours, and by the time she got through, she got onions on a bun because there are no hamburgers left," Butcher said.

Unfortunately, when the ship docked Thursday night, Nettle's misery was far from over. She said the cruise line did not take care of her air transportation, so she is renting car and will drive the 14 hours back to Kansas City.

Nettle is expected to return Friday afternoon, five days after her scheduled arrival.

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