Good news about development at 63rd & Prospect

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - More than a decade ago, the city acquired property to develop 63rd and Prospect through imminent domain. But concerns about asbestos and financial challenges stalled development plans until now.

Recent testing of the soil at 63rd and Prospect has revealed good news: only two samples showed trace amounts of asbestos, far less than originally estimated.

Initially, the area had 154 parcels of land, many of which were presumed to have asbestos-- which is very common for homes built before 1970.

The recent findings mean it will cost less money and time to get the land ready for development.

The city has already hired the Kessinger/Hunter commercial real estate firm to market the site.

"We're totally open to looking at multi-family living combined with retail. We're open to the right type of big box, if it was the right thing for the community," Mayor Pro Tem Cindy Circo said.

The city has also already spent more than $100 million on development east of Troost.

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