Good Samaritans spring into action after witnessing overturned school bus

BONNER SPRINGS, Kan. - Good Samaritans sprung into action after witnessing a school bus overturn in Bonner Springs, Kan.

The bus was carrying a group of 6th graders from Pembroke Hill Middle School to a school campout in Desoto, Kan., when the accident happened.

Vivica Vallew witnessed the accident and ran to help.

"They were upset. But they were trying to be brave. There were a few who just wanted to cry. They just wanted their moms," Vallew said.

Vallew owns a body shop and says the bus isn't the only vehicle to come off that road in the area. She says the road is a dangerous turn in bad weather.

Jason Sheahan works in Bonner Springs and was with a co-worker when they saw the bus overturn.

"At first it seemed like a dream," he said. "We parked the car and just started running and by the time we hit the back of the bus, kids were already pouring out of it."

All children with injuries were taken to area hospitals and are recovering. They are said to be in good spirits.

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