What does Google Fiber heading to Austin mean for Kansas City?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As early as next year, Kansas City won't be the only area of the country to be part of Google Fiber. The company announced Tuesday that Austin, Texas, will be the next city to get the ultra-fast Internet service.

Does this mean Google is pulling any resources in our area? The search engine giant says no.

Carlos Casas, field marketing manager for Google Fiber, said the Austin announcement will not mean fewer resources focused on fiberhoods in the KC.

"It takes a long time to build a fiber network in a city," Casas explained. He said the amount of time it took for Google's Fiber technology to make it to the Kansas City area will be comparable to how long Austin will have to wait.

"The team that is working in Kansas City is a local team," Casas added. "I'm not going anywhere, neither are they, and we're very committed to what we are doing here."

He said Kansas City has been the guinea pig for the project since being named the first city in the country to get Fiber.

"We're going to learn so much from Kansas City," Casas said. "It's going to benefit other fiberhoods in Kansas City, other expansion cities within the metro."

An expansion that is not yet complete on both sides of the state line.

We're told Google is still talking to other cities across the metro about adding more fiberhoods, but they don't have any announcements to make just quite yet.

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