Google Fiber more complicated for apartment dwellers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The clock is ticking if you want to sign up for the new Google Fiber Service.

Residents in portions of Kansas City, Mo. and Kansas City, Kan., have until Sept. 9 to sign up for the service, which promises increased internet speeds. But what if you live in an apartment?

At least some of the answers were available Wednesday night at the Google Fiber offices in Westport.

If you live in a building with one owner and multiple renters, the building owner needs to sign up for you.

"September 9 is the last time that you can pre-register and the only way that you can bulk register right now is for your full apartment building," said Mike Gottfried, head of Google Fiber sales.

If you live in a building where there are several owners, you can pre-register and then you'll need an access agreement with your neighbors.

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