Google Glass brings up privacy concerns before wide, consistent availablity

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Big brother might not be the only one watching you in public. Google Glasses can do many things including record video and take pictures.

Robert Jackson's company, Internet Builder Consulting, started working with Google about 10 years ago for website development and online marketing. So he is one of the few Google initially approved to buy and use Glass.

"Anything that you see through these glasses you can instantly put online." said Jackson. "You can literally wink and it will take a picture."

When Jackson wears them in public he has to explain how they work... a lot.

"The screen that you see on this comes up to about this big and it looks transparent out in space just before you so it's not like it's something directly in front of your eyes." said Jackson. "It instantly backs up to Google on the cloud so anything that you have in terms of photography and video, you may not have shared it yet, but you'll always have a copy of that on your Google account."

Fun to use, but before just anyone can buy a pair, privacy issues will need to be addressed, as they are in many cities across the country.

It's an issue that could keep such an innovative product away from the public even longer.    

Google has information on how Glass works.

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