Google: Hanover Heights in KCK first neighborhood to get Fiber

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Google announced a tentative schedule Thursday afternoon on the rollout of its fiber optic cable project in Kansas City.

The first neighborhood that will get Google Fiber is Hanover Heights in Kansas City, Kan. According to the schedule, it will receive Fiber in October 2012.

In a blog post Thursday, Google said that Hanover Heights was the first "fiberhood" to qualify for the high-speed Internet service, doing so less than two hours into the pre-registration period.

To find out when qualifying areas in KCK will get Fiber, go to:

On the Missouri side, the Crown Center neighborhood will be the first to get Fiber, in Spring 2013.

To find out when qualifying areas in KCMO will get Fiber, go to:

The deadline to register for Google Fiber has passed, with at least 180 of the potential 202 "fiberhoods" qualifying for the service in Kansas City, Mo. and Kansas City, Kan. Google has indicated there will be another chance in 2013 for more neighborhoods to qualify.

Along with residents receiving the new high-speed internet, schools and other public buildings will also be able to log on.

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