Community groups help pay for puppy's life-saving surgery

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - One Kansas City couple is grateful their fur baby is healthy after local organizations stepped up to save his life.

Daniel and Ebony Edwards are expecting a baby next year, so they thought adopting a puppy would be a great start to their family. They rescued a 2-month-old Weimaraner named Uno in November.

But after noticing Uno was breathing abnormally, they got the devastating news that he had a life-threatening heart defect - and the surgery would cost nearly $4,000.

That's a cost they could not afford.

"I really wanted to be hopeful about the whole thing, I know both of us did, but there was just this overwhelming feeling of hopelessness, like how could this happen? We finally got our puppy and we wanted him so badly," Ebony Edwards said.

"I was like, that means we're going to have to put him down, that's the first thing I thought," Daniel Edwards said. "I sent out text messages to people like, pray for our puppy because we may have to put him down and we're not sure if he's going to make it."

Already attached to Uno, putting him down wasn't an option. Ebony Edwards applied for assistance from several community pet organizations, one of those being Harley's Hope Foundation.

Harley's Hope is a national organization originally based in Colorado, but they help out with pet procedures around the country. They donated $500.

Uno got out of surgery in Columbia, Mo., on Thursday morning and is doing great. He would have died otherwise.

"We brought him home and immediately he captured our heart," Ebony Edwards said. "He's fitting into our family so nicely and so quickly. So yeah, what are you supposed to do with this face?" 


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