Kansas City gun show attendees oppose assault weapons ban

They say blame for multiple shootings is misplaced

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As you might guess, the people at the gun and knife show at the KCI Expo Center this weekend are passionate about the second amendment. They're used to hearing calls to ban assault weapons following high-profile shootings.

"It's not the first time," Iowa gun dealer Bob Sanderson said. "I mean, every time there's any kind of an incident, we're going to add or restrict assault weapons."

Sanderson is only selling accessories this weekend. He said the blame for multiple shootings is usually misplaced.

"It doesn't have anything to do with the firearms," Sanderson said. "It has to do with taking care of people that do things wrong with them, and that's all it amounts to."

Even President Obama is speaking out in favor of a ban on certain types of assault weapons. A previous ban expired in 2004 and there are recent calls to renew it. 

That has gun owners worried about what will be legal in the future. Dealers said their customers aren't just talking about it.

"No, they're buying," said Dennis Ketchem, a gun dealer from St. Joseph. "All the 223 ammunition's pretty well gone here at the show and there's no AR-15s to be had."

Gun buyers are turning their concerns into action to protect what they feel are their rights.

"They're panicking now," Ketchem said. "A lot of people are buying that, I think they wanted to, now they had to buy it before it gets banned. If they have it, they get to keep it."

They say a better solution to protect students is to put armed guards in schools.

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