Hailey Owens' murder leads to proposed changes to Amber Alert system

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - The abduction and murder of 10-year-old Hailey Owens has spawned proposed changes to Missouri's Amber Alert system.

Owens was walking home from a friend's house in her Springfield, Mo., neighborhood on Feb.18 when neighbors witnessed the kidnapping.

Police had to interview witnesses, fill-out a three-page form and wait for approval.

It took two hours for police to issue an Amber Alert, and now area parents are pushing lawmakers to expedite the process.

They've drafted a proposal called Hailey's Law, which asks lawmakers to eliminate the red tape and paperwork required when issuing an Amber Alert.

The group said it understands that law enforcement has to follow strict criteria to prevent false alarms and wide-spread panic. But when there is confirmation that an abduction has occurred, they say things need to move faster.

No legislation has been formally introduced, but the idea is getting a lot of support from the public. The Hailey's Law Facebook page already has more than 20,000 likes.

Visit haileyslaw.com for more information.

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