Have to have Hostess! Customers clear out shelves

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. - It isn't turkeys but Twinkies flying off shelves Friday. Some people are buying up Hostess products out of nostalgia. Others are buying them up out of need.

Hours after their typical Hostess morning delivery, the shelves at the Hy-Vee in Prairie Village, Kan., started looking bare.

No Twinkies. No Ding Dongs.

"These are my addiction," one woman said as she grabbed a bag of white powdered Donettes. "My kids always had these."

She said she's been buying them once a week for decades.

"That is unbelievable!" said Michael Matthews who hadn't heard about Hostess going under. He loves Twinkies, too.

"I'm gonna go out and buy some after work," he said.

Good luck.

The parking lot of the Hostess outlet on Shawnee Mission Parkway was packed as people carried out bags of Twinkies and Ding Dongs.

The Clair family is one of the only ones leaving empty-handed.

Longtime customers, they come for their 12-year-old son, who has special dietary needs difficult for them to afford.

"Because he is diabetic, we buy wheat bread," Daniel Clair explained. At the outlet, they pay 59 cents a loaf -- far less than the grocery store bread aisle.

"I drive all the way from Wyandotte County to come here," he said. "You can't get this no place else." 

For their son's sake, they hope Hostess isn't gone forever.

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