Heightened security in Orrick following tornado

ORRICK, Mo. - After a full day of clean up, power lines still hung across trees and homes in Orrick.

Power crews restored electricity to nearly three quarters of the homes in the town by Sunday night.


The tornado Saturday damaged some 200 homes.


Samantha Fetters and her husband always helped others clean up after disasters.


"It's something he's been doing for 38 years so we've cleaned up hurricanes, we've been down to Florida and all that," Fetters explained.


Now they're on the other side getting help after a tornado went over their home.


"I've seen everybody just try to help out. Neighbors come out just wanting to help one another. Whether you get paid or not you just want to help out," Fetters said.


Emergency responders checked identification going in and out of the town of Orrick. It was to make sure gawkers stayed out and certified help could get in.


"We take it very seriously that our volunteers need to be trained," Jerry Palmer, a volunteer with the Southern Baptist Convention, said. "We have a name tag to show that we've gone through the certification process and that helps us get in and that also keeps people out that are just there to get in the way really."


Still, after a full day of cleanup there was a lot left to do.


"There's still danger especially in the dark without power, people wandering around, we still have power lines on the ground, we still have sharp debris that is still yet to be picked up so there still is danger there," said Nathan Preston, the 911 director.


Police planned to check identification and enforce a 9 p.m. - 6 a.m. curfew for the next couple of days.

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