Hidden camera footage shows men taking down campaign signs

41 Action News was tipped off with a video where people were taking down campaign signs along Highway 71. Turns out, the crime may be the video itself.

Jeff Adams, a former Raymore City councilman, emailed the videos to 41 Action News.

“There’s no doubt that is Mr. Wescoat,” Adams said.

Ryan Wescoat is running for Cass County Auditor, and Adams said he believes Wescoat is in the video taking down his Republican primary opponent’s sign. But when we asked Wescoat about it, at first he denied it was him.

Ten minutes after the interview, Wescoat called back and said over the phone he wanted to clarify. He did, in fact, have permission from the property owner to take the sign down.

“The reason why I wanted to protect my son. I wasn’t sure how his likeness was going to be used, and for concern out for him, that’s why I made that statement,” Wescoat said while looking at the video.

Then there is another video. In it, another man took down a similar sign in the same location. That man is Dan Chevalier, and he leases the property.

Chevalier said he didn’t know he was on camera. He said he didn’t think it was right he was being taped on the property.

Chevalier has taken the signs down that belonged to Jeff Cox and Ryan Johnson, both candidates running for office, multiple times. He said they were not given permission to put their signs on the property.

But one question is unanswered; who hid the camera along this brush tied to a telephone pole?

“The video was emailed to me from a friend,” Adams said.

He would not reveal his source to 41 Action News. 

The Cass County Sheriff's Office said if the person who hid the camera and took the video is found, the property owner could file trespassing charges. 

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