High school sports teams take extra precautions in heat

OLATHE, Kan. - Schools in Olathe, Kan., issued a heat index warning for after school sports.

With the high temperatures, programs have to take special precautions.

It's easy to get overheated with the heavy pads and helmets in the afternoon sun.

The school has to take steps to make sure everyone is safe.

They use misters to spray cold water and have plenty of drinking water close by. Sometimes they go through 100 gallons of water during practice.

The heat alert makes sure students only practice in pads for an hour and a half. They then go inside to cool off for 30 minutes. They return to the field later without all the heavy equipment.

These breaks are essential to making sure kids are staying hydrated; but there are things coaches and trainers look for.

"Dizziness, being disoriented and the one we watch out for the most is when they stop sweating," Athletic Trainer Steve Hawkins said.

"The kids do a real good job, they're smart about it, if they're not feeling good, not feeling alright, they tell someone and we make sure we get them taken care of," Head Coach at Olathe Northwest Chip Sherman said.

Schools like Olathe Northwest with turf fields are eight to 10 degrees hotter than grass fields.

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