Home Depot and neighbors build steps, new sidewalk for mother with heart disease

A local mom is getting life-saving help from a few unexpected places.

Neighbors said Melissa Wells is lucky to be here.

“Melissa has fought a lot, and she’s won,” neighbor Conner Beurman said.

Wells has heart disease, and she hardly got to see her newborn, Sebastian, after she had him at the end of January. She’s waiting for a heart transplant.

“My liver got congested at one point, so I got a lot of pain in my stomach and ended up going back to the emergency room,” Wells said. “Then I went into cardiac shock a few weeks later and ended up in the hospital for five weeks.”

The stress pregnancy put on her body made it so she couldn’t get to the steep front steps of her house.  

Her neighbors and the Home Depot decided to help her out.

“I went to Home Depot after I saw their steps and asked if they would be able to replace the steps, and I said if you can’t we will get them,” neighbor Linda Beck said.

They tore out the old steps in and put in new ones. Wells also needed help getting to the steps so Home Depot came in and made her a sidewalk too.

Home Depot put the finishing touches on its work today.

“We don’t need the recognition. We just wanted to do our part to help one of our neighbors out,” Home Depot Manager Bruce Knight said.

As Wells waits for a transplant, her neighbors said they will continue to support her.

“Same thing, care, food, diapers, just whatever we can do,” neighbor Kelli Beurman said. 

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