Home known for criminal activity demolished in northeast Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A home known for prostitution and drugs was demolished in northeast Kansas City on Monday. A program called NEAT, or the North East Alliance Together, is leading the way.

The home that stood on the corner of 7th and Jackson in northeast Kansas City is a recent example of how new policing tactics are helping fight a long history of crime in the area.

Neighbor Judy Woodworth saw what has happening in the home including pimps working prostitutes from it.

“It’s been a drug house and street people and the bums and the prostitutes,” Woodworth said.

When officers heard what was happening from the neighbors they were checking it out within days. Only a few weeks later, the home was demolished.

After seeing what was happening at this home, Major Richard Smith decided to have a meeting once a week to discuss tips from the community and crime patterns.

“We’re tracking the data. We’re tracking the trends and identifying where the problems are, what type of problems there are,” KCMO Police Officer Jason Cooley said.

Councilman Scott Wagner and other city leaders were present to share plans about how to revitalize this area. 

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