Summer heat comes at a hefty price for home sellers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Many of us already received a much higher water bill. Soon we will see just how high our energy bill can go with the triple-digit temperatures.

This might be the week you'll have to choose between keeping your house cool or your lawn green. But for homeowners looking to sell, neglecting one or the other isn't an option.

"We're coping. It's higher than normal, but what can you do when we have so many 100 plus days," said Mary Pfeifer.

Pfeifer and her husband would rather just let their lawn go dormant, but the "For Sale" sign in their front yard keeps that from happening. This summer, they have to keep the inside cool and the outside lush because of surprise showings.

"Last year, our grass got really dry. We had a really hot summer then as well, but this year we don't have that option because we want to make sure our grass and our lawn look really nice to potential buyers," said Pfeifer.

But smart lawn care can cut down on costs.

The main thing that Matthew Archer with Soil Service hears about this time of year is, "What can I do about my lawn?" He tells every customer the same thing - water an inch once a week.

"That encourages deeper rooting the're training the grass roots to go deeper to find that deeper water, instead of sitting on top where the soil is drying out more quickly," Archer explained.

Experts advise that you use a rain gauge to measure the inch when you water your lawn each week.

They stress the importance of watering in the morning. Watering at night can make your lawn susceptible to disease.

Pfeifer said she understands that she has to pay up to keep the inside and outside of her home comfortable while it's on the market - even at such a high cost.

"It's part of the selling process for us, and we just kind of recognize that that's what you do to sell your home," she said.

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