Homeowner fights city over bill to fix curbs after a complaint

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - One Kansas City, Mo., homeowner is trying to figure out how to fight the city over a $12,000 bill to repair his curb.

Gary Rasco contacted us after he discovered the only reason he got the bill was because of a complaint  about the curbs that wrap around Rasco's corner lot near 44th and Crisp. Now, he believes it could cost him his home.

The first letter Rasco received in August of 2013 was for $9,034.54 for city crews to fix the cracks and the wear and tear.

"I don't want to pay all that. I won't be able to afford it," Rasco said.

The amount jumped to $12,411.94 in the second letter he got in the mail last month, explaining that if the city does the work and he doesn't pay, a special assessment tax will be issued against his property.

"If the special assessment tax is not paid, they can foreclosure on my home," he said. "It was just like they were out to get me."

Sean Demory with the KCMO Public Works Department said the responsibility falls on the property owner.

"We're not in the business of ripping people off," Demory said. "Our assessment is based on citizen complaint. He can either hire someone to repair it or have the city repair it at more of a cost."

Hiring a contractor will still cost into the thousands, or Rasco could file his own complaint against his neighbors in hope the area might qualify for assistance.

"Why would I want to turn my neighbors in? Some of them are retired, they can't afford the expense, others are new families," Rasco said.

Another option he has is to file a request with the Public Improvements Advisory Committee , but it's still not a guarantee.

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