'Hoops for the Homeless' shoots to fund northland church shelters

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Sixteen churches have banded together to try to give homeless families a place to get back on their feet.

Those churches make up a chapter of a national organization. Their chapter, called Family Promise Northland, tried to raise money Sunday through Hoops for the Homeless. People came to shoot hoops and watch a friendly game between churches Sunday afternoon at Park Hill Christian Church.

They need thousands to operate their churches as rotating overnight shelters. Carl Prather organized the fundraiser.

"I can't imagine what it was like this winter trying to find shelter each night," said Carl. "I get phone calls off my flyer saying 'is your shelter open?'. I say 'no, you have to go south of the river for an overnight shelter.'".

Their next fundraiser will be a wine tasting in Liberty at the Belvoir Winery.

For more information, see the group's website.




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