Homeowner hopefuls in KC fear they're being scammed

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Hopeful homeowners in the metro are teaming up for help.

They signed contracts to buy houses in Kansas City, but now they fear it's all a scam.

The promise of homeownership was $500 down and $399 per month.

“When I got this flyer telling me of this dream that I could become a homeowner, I took advantage of it,” said Kelly Ramey, a homebuyer.

It was an opportunity Janae Bowers also signed for.

“We wanted to have a have a space for our children to grow up in.  We like this neighborhood,” Bowers said.

She hopes to one day live in a house on East 61st Street.

“This is supposed to be a bathroom.  We've been trying to get them to seal these holes up,” Bowers said about an unfinished room.

Both Ramey and Bowers made a down payment and signed seller financing contracts with Tri-States Holdings-32, LLC.

According to the agreement, the seller would complete all major work, including electrical, plumbing, floors and windows.

The buyer is responsible for cosmetic work.

“The window is actually falling out of the house and is still boarded up.  I have a room that I can't even live in,” Ramey said.

On Saturday morning, several frustrated "buyers" met at Community United Church to fill out complaint forms for the attorney general's office and to fight for legal rights to their properties.

“We're putting a lien on the property so they can't submit it to the tax sale,” Bowers said.

It’s a lien they're hoping will buy them more time as they figure how to protect their American dream and force someone else to keep their promise.

“I've claimed this home; I will live here.  It’s going to get resolved. I don't know when, but it’s going to get resolved,” Bowers said.

“This is my dream.  I refuse to let anyone crush my dream,” Ramey said.

Tri-States Holdings, LLC did not return calls from 41 Action News.

We'll continue to update this developing story.

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