Hostess fans packed stores to get favorite snacks with looming liquidation

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Local hostess fans packed stores to get their hands on what is left of their favorite treats.

Hostess employee, Meia Dabner works at a Hostess Outlet and said she is staying positive in these uncertain times.

Dabner has worked for Hostess for seven years. "I am proud of the turn out, you know what I am saying."

Even with the looming uncertainty of the brand, Dabner said she is encouraged.

"I am on a natural high," she said laughing. "Seeing all the people they are pretty good."

Dabner's shift started at 7 a.m. and she will work until five.

"They are on good behavior so I am blessed, I am blessed. That is what I am going to say," she said.

"I got off the highway and it was already packed down where you got in. So I just parked right here and just kind of walked up and asked some people, if there was some left. They said, 'oh there's plenty left but no Twinkies," said Nikei Green.

Mike Hawkins is not a hostess employee but he took the day to work the crowd.

"They holler, I want Ding-Dongs,or they want the Snow Balls or they want Zingers. So I grab them and hand them out, and more than one person helps themselves to the trays that I bring over," he said.

What happens next for the brand and its workers is still to be determined.

"I hate that we have to go on these terms but I am happy my customers are well behaved. Thank you guys for being patient, all right!" said Dabner.

People are nostalgic for a brand they do not want to see go.

"Wonder honey wheat, I am going to miss that. Yeah, they just brought that back and I am going to miss it," said Dabner.

Dabner's career with Hostess may come to an end but she has not lost sentiment for the iconic brand.

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