How your donations helped one local family

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Sipple family attributes its recent change in luck to God and a local faith-based ministry that has close ties with Harvesters: The Community Food Network.

"This is Khahim. This is Kimorah. This is Aaliyah. This is Michael and Jahmal is in there will his mother," explained Morris Sipple as he pointed toward the kitchen.

His family of seven just survived three years of homelessness.

"We went from Kansas City to Colorado Springs to Arizona to Wichita, Kansas back to back to Kansas City. It's just been rough up until this point," Sipple said.

His family bopped from one shelter to another as he chased job leads.

When 41 Action News met the Sipple family, they shared smiles and laughs. In fact, three of the children engaged Morris Sipple in a water gun fight in their front yard.

That's right. Their front yard.

The Sipples now have a house to call home.

"It turned out that MLM was there, and I didn't even know such a program existed in Kansas City," he said.

Metro Lutheran Ministries offered Sipple, his wife and five children an offer they couldn't refuse. MLM paid for the deposit on their house and the first month's rent.

"I ain't got the best of things, but I'm damn sure got a lot more than I had," said Sipple.

MLM Executive Director Jim Glynn hears that message loud and clear.

"It's without doubt, they will be known to us as friends for a long time," he said.

The MLM food pantry in Midtown Kansas City serves 30 families each week day but struggles to keep up with the need.

When the goods on the shelves run out, that's it for the day.

"If we had four times the amount of food, we could give four times the amount away. Let me say it that way," he explained.

Soon, Fill the Fridge donations will help restock the MLM coolers and freezers, which is bright news for families like the Sipples.

Feeding seven mouths isn't easy.

Sipple is thankful for MLM and thankful people still chose to help even during rocky economic times.

"If you can give at a time like this then it shows you really have a heart. It's like me, with a lot of opposition. If a little guy like me can keep on pushing and keep on pushing. Then, somebody who got it better than me can surely do it," he said.

KSHB has collected more than 6,500 pounds of perishable food in the first three days of this Fill the Fridge food drive. If you'd like to help, click here for more information.

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