Hundred Thousand Homes campaign counts the homeless in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - They may have jobs, but they're still homeless. 

That the working poor seeking refuge at shelters is not a new phenomenon. 

"If you are a working adult with a minimum wage job, if it's ideal and you're working full time hourly, you're making less than $15,000 a year," said Evie Craig, executive director of ReStore.

She said it's not nearly enough to pay for rent, food, and utilities at even a modest-sized apartment. It's the reason Craig is leading an effort to put the homeless into homes in and around Kansas City as part of the Hundred Thousand Homes campaign.

The first phase took place Thursday. Campaign volunteers fanned out to shelters, soup kitchens, libraries and pharmacies -- all places where the homeless congregate -- to count and interview them. The goal is to get an accurate snapshot of the problem and single out individuals and families who are in the most dire need.

Craig said the most needy will go on a priority list to be the first placed in their own homes. 

"We really want to search out those folks who have been on the street the longest," Craig said, adding the group wants to help those in the most unhealthy and unsafe situations first.

The goal is to have 100 individuals or families in new homes by June 30.

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