Initial report indicates rain may be to blame for church collapse

Further inspections are needed

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Engineers and construction workers surrounded a collapsed church in northeast Kansas City Friday morning, assessing the damage and investigating a cause.

Initial reports from the city of Kansas City's Dangers Buildings Manager Dalena Taylor indicated that heavy rain from Wednesday saturated the roof and caused the collapse.

Taylor said her department would ultimately make the decision on whether the church would have to be torn down completely, but added the priority is stabilizing what's left so investigators can get inside and further inspect the building.

Engineers are testing samples for asbestos and workers have specialized equipment, if needed.

Pastor Herminio Leal canceled Friday's vacation Bible school classes. The congregation will meet for Sunday service at 1:30 p.m., at 4000 Victory Drive, in Kansas City, Kan.

He said he's received invitations from nearby churches and is very grateful for the support from the community.

Leal has invited all police and first responders to attend Sunday's service.

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