Many who worked for Brenda Wood lost money

Investors in Brenda Wood’s building purchase weren’t the only ones who lost money.

Many people who worked for Wood or allowed her to manage their property also lost money. According to the records:

  • Wood had property management contracts with the owners of popular Lidia's freight house restaurant and the historic Corrigan building. Federal court records claim she “embezzled” hundreds of thousands of dollars from those businesses accounts.
  • Wood refused to pay tens of thousands of dollars in commissions to real estate agents who worked for her, and she is now being investigated by the Kansas Real Estate Commission, according to commission officials.
  • Even janitors who worked for one of her companies - PCI - sometimes didn't get paid. In one case, employees told 41 Action News, she withheld several paychecks from 13 workers last December, making it difficult for those families to buy Christmas presents. The U.S. Department of Labor investigated and ordered her to pay. All 13 received their paychecks from Wood in March.
  • Last year, the Kansas Department of Labor ordered her to pay five workers $92,361 for past wages and penalties.
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