Red, White, Blue and imported?: some American flags not made in the U.S.A

U.S. imports $3.8 million worth of American flags

PARKVILLE, Mo. - On a day when Old Glory takes center stage, many Americans may not realize the flag they're patriotically waiving was made in a foreign country.

According to the Flag Manufacturers Association of America, the United States imported $3.8 million worth of American flags from foreign countries in 2012.

The vast majority, $3.6 million, was spent on flags manufactured in China.

Over the years, some members of Congress have tried to propose bills to ban importing American flags, but those bills have never been passed into law.

Around the metro, the 41 Action News investigators did find retailers selling patriotic decorations made in China.

However, we also spotted some with stands proudly promoting that their flags were entirely made in America.

The U.S. Census bureau reports that in 2012, the United States also imported $218 million worth of fireworks from China—a majority of fireworks imported overall.

If you'd like more information about manufacturers of American flags here in the United States, visit the Flag Manufacturers Association of America's website here.

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