Consultants to help sick Bannister workers and families from GSA and Bomb sides get compensation

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - A private group is holding a town hall meeting at noon Saturday to help sick Bannister workers navigate government compensation funds.

An Inspector General audit found General Services Administration officials at Bannister misled workers about health concerns at the facility after an NBC Action News investigation identified more than 400 sick or dead Bannister workers.

Organizers say the meeting will address health and compensation for workers from GSA, IRS, USDA, Defense Finance and Accounting Service and other agencies on the GSA side of the building along with issues faced by employees from the Honeywell side where they manufacture nuclear bomb parts.

Organizers say “a lot of misinformation” has gone out about workers from the GSA side of the complex not being eligible for compensation.

“People don’t realize that all cancers are covered for compensation, not just certain cancers, and that they don’t have to prove contaminants existed while they worked there—the Environmental Protection Agency has already proven that,” said Donna Hand, a paralegal with Cold War Soldiers.

Cold War Soldiers specializes in helping sick workers from the nation’s manufactures of nuclear weapons payments and health care from government programs.

The group receives a percentage of the successful claims it handles for workers.

The meeting beings Saturday, November 20, at 12:00 noon at St. Paul School of Theology’s library, Room L202, 1535 E. Van Brunt Dr., in Kansas City, Mo.


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