Federal judge orders infomercial king Kevin Trudeau to jail, but allows him to attend fundraiser

CHICAGO, Ill. - A federal judge has once again ordered infomercial king Kevin Trudeau be jailed for contempt.

However, U.S. District Judge Robert Gettleman said he would allow Trudeau to attend a fundraiser for his legal defense fund in Washington D.C. prior to surrendering on Tuesday morning.

Trudeau has not paid the $37 million fine imposed years ago for misleading consumers about his best-selling weight-loss book.

Gettleman found Trudeau in contempt this summer and ordered him to turn over all his assets to a court-appointed receiver.

But attorneys with the Federal Trade Commission argued Trudeau was still hiding bank accounts and making lavish purchases in September. As a result, Gettleman ordered Trudeau to jail for a day.

After that, the court-appointed receiver joined the argument that Trudeau was not being cooperative in helping untangle his web of offshore accounts and other assets like gold bars.

"I don't have another alternative but to incarcerate you," Gettleman said. "It really saddens me, Mr. Trudeau. You're a smart guy. Maybe too smart. Perhaps you've outsmarted yourself."

Gettleman ordered Trudeau incarcerated indefinitely until he pays back the $37 million he owes to the FTC or cooperates fully with the receiver.

Outside of the courthouse, where Trudeau will enjoy six more days of freedom, he told WMAQ-TV, "I feel good."

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