Federal judge releases Kevin Trudeau from jail, but warns TV pitchman to cooperate

CHICAGO, Ill. - A federal judge released Kevin Trudeau from jail on Thursday, but warned the infomercial king his freedom could be short-lived if he doesn't fully disclose his assets to a court-appointed receiver.

Judge Robert Gettleman told Trudeau, who appeared in court wearing an orange jumpsuit and orange sneakers, that he better start being truthful or "you may end up wearing the same color you're wearing now," according to WMAQ-TV .

Gettleman had ordered Trudeau to jail 24 hours earlier after losing his patience with the TV pitchman.

Attorneys with the Federal Trade Commission had presented evidence that Trudeau had hidden a bank account in Australia and made several lavish purchases, including high-end meat, liquor, cigars and haircuts at Vidal Sassoon.

Those violated the orders of Gettleman, who had found the infomercial king in contempt in July for failing to pay a $37.6 million fine for misleading consumers about his best-selling weight-loss book.

At the time, Gettleman opted to have Trudeau turn all his assets over to a court-appointed receiver instead of incarcerating him.

In court on Thursday, Trudeau insisted he was trying to be helpful.

"There's not $37 million hidden somewhere," he told the judge, according to WMAQ-TV. "There's not $10 million. There's not even a million."

"I'm penniless. I'm homeless. You have it all," Trudeau said.

The judge decided Trudeau would be more useful helping the government than sitting behind bars. The next hearing is scheduled for September 26.

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