Government recognizes sacrifice of dead Bannister Federal Complex nuclear arsenal workers

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Saturday, two years after the NBC Action News investigation into dead workers at the Bannister Federal Complex, the government is recognizing the sacrifice nuclear arsenal workers there made to their country.

The memorial only recognizes those workers on the Honeywell side of the complex where workers make parts for nuclear bombs.

Several government officials will attend along with union representatives.

A U.S. Senate Resolution authorized the memorial recognizing nuclear defense workers nationwide who suffered fatal or disabling illnesses.

Our investigation identified more than 450 sick or dead workers at the  Bannister Federal Complex.

Only about half will be honored today. The others work on a side of the building not covered by the resolution.

Currently, workers at the Honeywell Plant are on strike citing safety concerns.

The Nuclear Workers' Memorial is being held at Union Lodge 778 and begins Saturday, October 29th at one o'clock at 9404 Grandview Road.

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