Mechanical problem documented in chopper that matches partial tail number and markings at crash site

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - An FAA report documents a recent mechanical problem on a LifeNet in the Heartland Helicopter that matches the partial tail number and markings of the air ambulance that crashed and killed four.

The only part of the tail number visible of the blue and white helicopter that crashed Friday night near Mosby were -"2LN".

On the air ambulance company's website, /, a helicopter with a matching paint scheme and the full tail number N352LN is featured in several pictures.

According to documents obtained from the FAA's website, , the Eurocopter AS-350 helicopter had been reported as having a cracked guide vane on August 1, 2011.

The guide vane sends gas from the compressor onto the blades and makes the rotors turn.

According to the FAA Service Difficulty Reporting Site, the helicopter was sent to a repair center where an eroded and cracked nozzle guide vane was fixed.

The "service difficulty" was discovered during a visual inspection according to the report.

The FAA report indicates the helicopter had 10,267 total takeoffs and landings and 3,623 total air hours.

The only other "service difficulty" that was documented on the FAA site was in 2006 when an air conditioning belt broke.

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