Sen. Claire McCaskill directs GSA to plan for worst case scenarios at Bannister Federal Complex

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) directed the General Services Administration to create contingency plans, including potentially relocating, should the EPA place the Bannister Federal Complex on the National Priorities List of Superfund Sites.

In McCaskill's letter to GSA Commissioner Robert Peck, she gave a 90 day deadline for the agency to prepare a plan.

"Furthermore, while placement on the NPL will not necessarily mean the facility is unsafe for employees, it is possible that the best course of action could include an expedited relocation of employees," McCaskill wrote.

The EPA launched its inquiry after an NBC Action News Investigation identified a list of toxins that has now reached 899, and a list of sick and dead workers that exceeds 400.

Click here to see McCaskill's letter.

"I request that you undertake a comprehensive review of options available to GSA in light of the potential that the Complex will be placed on the NPL," McCaskill said in the letter.

Thursday the CDC released a preliminary report ruling out cancer clusters at the facility and said employees were not at risk to significant exposure.

McCaskill's letter was released the same day NBC Action News reported on the government's acknowledgement of a 115 previously undocumented toxins at the facility, including small amounts of plutonium.



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