Investigators work to piece cause of home explosion

Weather delays investigation on home explosion

KANSAS CITY, Mo - Investigators had to delay their search inside a home that exploded Wednesday evening because of the high winds.

John Ham from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives' Kansas City division says the answer to what caused the home to explode with six people inside. 

A relative confirms Wiley Mitchell owns the home. He and another man were critically injured and remain hospitalized as of Thursday afternoon. Two women and two girls were also in the home, but have all been released from the hospital. 

Tony Reames is one of the neighbors who rushed to the home after he heard the explosion.

"I ran to the house the mom was at the front door and I tried to get her out and then the guy was on there saying help someone's down here help me,” he said.

Investigators ruled out a natural gas leak as the cause.   

“Everything is on the table right now,” said Ham, a public information officer for the ATF. “It could be fireworks, it could be any number of things, but until we get in there and start ruling things out, there’s lots of possibilities.”

First, they need to get inside for a more extensive search, but have to wait until the structure is safe to enter.

Neighbors describe a series of explosions that sounded similar to fireworks. Now they're more concerned about how the family's recovering.

“We just want to make sure that they're okay,” said Juanita Jones, who lives across the street from the home. 

Investigators from the ATF plan to search the home early Friday morning and expect to determine a cause for the explosion within the next few days. 

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