Jessica Ridgeway's family relieved Austin Sigg to be tried as adult

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Donna Moss let out a sigh of relief Tuesday afternoon as she heard the man charged with killing her great-granddaughter, Jessica Ridgeway, will be tried as an adult.

"'Oh he's just a child that doesn't know any better,'" she shook her head. "That just ... infuriates me."

Austin Sigg, 17, confessed to the killing to police. Prosecutors say officials found DNA evidence linking him to the 10-year-old's murder.

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Jessica never made it to school Oct. 5. Her body was found in a field in Golden, Colo., five days later.

Just last week, officials finally released Jessica's body.

"You don't get to see her. You don't get to say goodbye. You just have to wait," Moss said. "The waiting is horrible."

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Moss and her grandson, Jessica's father, live in Independence, Mo. Now that Sigg will be tried as an adult, Moss looks forward to a conviction.

"I'll do everything I can do keep him in jail. If it means to show up every time he's up for probation, I will be there. I will be there if I have to walk," she said.

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