Jewish Community Center beefs up security after shooting tragedy

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Paul Temme had only been a member of the Jewish Community Center for about three months when he witnessed one of the most horrific crimes in recent history on the campus of the Jewish Community Center on April 13, 2014.

"I was parked about 150 feet away and I saw the boy being shot and I chased after the shooter to see if I could identify the vehicle and inform the police. This man was shooting defenseless people," Temme said.

The boy who was shot was 14-year-old Reat Underwood along with his grandfather Dr. William Corporon. A woman, Terry LaManno, was also killed at the nearby Jewish retirement community, Village Shalom.

"I was horrified by witnessing what I did and I think that's been difficult to process as it's been difficult for a lot of people in the community to process," Temme said. 

Thankfully, Temme didn’t get hurt and Tuesday, the alleged shooter, Fraizer Glenn Cross, also known as Glenn Miller, was charged with three counts of attempted first degree murder for trying to kill Temme and two others. Miller also faces capital murder and first degree murder charges in the case.

"I hope it's going to give a lot of people closure but I believe the man is going to get everything he deserves," Jacob Schreiber said, President and CEO of the Jewish Community Center.

Since the shooting, the center has taken new steps to protect its members and prepare its staff.  On Friday, May 30, 2014, the center will host an active shooter workshop for the staff of Jewish agencies and organizations. The center has also beefed up security at JCC.

"We are certainly a safer place now and we will have an armed presence, some of it visible, and we have been working with the FBI. This is going to be a very secure facility," Schreiber said.

Membership is also growing since the tragedy and support continues to pour in. The center continues to receive letters and financial donations from local and global organizations.

"Just today we got a great letter and a $250 donation from a local church. We recently got a letter from Turkey. The envelope of love that has come is incredible and it keeps on coming. There is a real feeling of stability,” Schreiber said. “There is a real feeling that we're a foundation for this community. This is a place where people want to come and where people need to come." 

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