JJ's Restaurant's new space just feet from old location

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The devastation of the explosion that destroyed JJ's Restaurant was almost enough to keep it from re-opening. But, the announcement came Wednesday that by the end of summer, JJ's will reopen.

The new location is just across the street in Plaza Vista. The building opened in November 2013.

Owner Jimmy Frantz said he didn't decide to reopen until a conversation with former employees about seven months ago. He looked at many spaces including a small space below the new location, but it was too small.

Then, he found the space right off the lobby of the building and he knew it was perfect.

"I didn't know this was here. Well, my general manager and I walked in to this space and I looked around and said. 'This is a restaurant,'" Frantze said.

The new space is 15 percent bigger than the previous location that was destroyed in the explosion.

Frantze is hopeful the new JJ's will be finished and ready to open its doors by the end of the summer. He also plans to open with the same menu and 90 percent of the previous staff.

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