Judge won't reduce bond for mom charged with child abuse

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Her daughter was found starved and locked in a closet in 2012, now Jacole Prince won't get out of jail before her trial without paying big money.

Friday afternoon, her public defender asked a judge to reduce her $200,000 cash-only bond. He argued it was much higher than similar felonies or child abuse cases. The judge agreed with prosecutors that this “serious charge comes with serious consequences” and denied the defendant's request.

The next court date in April will answer the fight between The Kansas City Star and prosecutors. Court documents show The Star wants to quash a subpoena asking them to produce a 42-page letter Jacole Prince wrote them. They call the request “unreasonable and oppressive” and infringing on the first amendment. Prosecutors responded that the letter will likely be admissible in Prince's upcoming trial.

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