Jury to decide Kansas City Fire Department race case

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Jackson County jury could decide on Wednesday if a Kansas City firefighter was the victim of racism.

Eric Sanders is suing the city and a fire captain for denying him the opportunity for promotions because of his race. Sanders, who is black, claims in his lawsuit that racism rules over some of the decisions within the fire department.
He said he was repeatedly subjected to a racially hostile work environment; a place where fellow firefighters used derogatory language.

Sanders started working at Station 10 in 2011. There, he said it was a place where fellow firefighters ignored him and used the derogatory "N" word. He said one employee was overheard saying "N's are lazy people."
But a fellow firefighter who took the stand Tuesday said he never used such language.
The city investigated the claims of racism but found no wrongdoing.

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